Customer Experience: More Than Outerwear

A retail leader shores up customer service through rapid point-of-sale rollout.

Customer Experience: More Than Outerwear

Retail isn’t the only industry trying to optimize the customer experience. But it’s the sector with the sharpest focus on delivering consistently excellent service across every touch point: mobile, social, online, call center and store.

Yet the store remains central to shopping behavior. Half of consumers expect to buy online but then pick up in the store.1 And nearly three-quarters want access to store inventory from the Web.

For one legendary purveyor of premium-quality clothing, gear and accessories, successful online and mobile efforts were necessary but not sufficient. Its 10,000 employees also serve customers through 370 retail and outlet locations in the United States and Canada. So, delivering an in-store experience consistent with its reputation for excellence was key.

Point of Contention

Trouble is, the retailer’s point-of-sale (POS) technology had become outmoded. It needed a partner that could deliver a complete POS refresh, rapidly configuring and installing more than 1,100 POS devices across its 370 stores and outlets — all in time for the busy year-end holiday season.

The company turned to CompuCom for its proven track record in large-scale, mission-critical deployments, as well as competitive services pricing. It acquired the POS devices direct from the manufacturer. The plan was for CompuCom to install the equipment in all stores over an eight-week period — just in time for holiday shopping.

But the retailer ran into a significant problem. The vendor it had contracted to build the “gold” image for its hardware missed the delivery deadline. That left just three weeks to get the new equipment up and running — or risk slowdowns and interruptions during the time of year that’s most crucial to revenue.

CompuCom quickly ramped up its deployment facility to full capacity. It configured the POS devices at the facility and then shipped them to stores just as rollout commenced. At each location, a technician was proactively deployed to quickly install the hardware and bring it online. As a result, CompuCom successfully completed all configuration and installation in just three weeks — more than 60 percent faster than planned.

IT and Business Results: POS rollout 60 percent faster than planned, No interruptions during year-end shopping, Fast, efficient POS operations, Ability to deliver superior customer experience

Fast, Efficient Service

CompuCom now supports the retailer with all retail location openings, closings and remodeling. For store openings, support encompasses configuration and installation of POS equipment, credit-card devices, monitors and printers. For store remodels, CompuCom handles equipment removal, storage until renovations are complete, and redeployment to rapidly bring each location back online.

The retailer was able to transform its mission-critical POS technology in time for holiday shopping. In the short term that meant no unnecessary interruptions to revenue streams. Long term, the retailer is well positioned to leverage the latest checkout solutions, enabling fast, efficient service to customers.

That’s helping the company deliver the superior customer experience consumers have come to expect from this retail legend. Going forward, the retailer will rely on CompuCom to make sure in-store technology remains an enabler of efficient operations, effective customer service and future business success.

1 “Customer Desires Vs. Retailer Capabilities: Minding the Omnichannel Commerce Gap,” Forrester, January 2014


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