Six Steps to Optimizing the Customer Experience

How to make sure your customers get consistent, superior service.

Want to optimize customer experience (CX) to drive measurable results in your organization? Follow these six steps:

  1. Make CX a priority. Improving CX tops the list of business priorities companies have for the next year. But how many companies actually deliver superior CX? Don’t merely pay CX lip service. Make it a true top focus, from the corner office to the shop floor to the front lines.
  2. Use CX as a differentiator. Nearly two-thirds of organizations use CX as a differentiator,reports Forrester. That’s a good strategy. Delivering customer service that’s just a little better than the competition can help you stand out. Raising the bar on CX by not just meeting but actually anticipating customer desires can help make you a market leader.
  3. Deliver CX consistently throughout the customer journey. Consistency is key, whether you map the buying process by customer action — engage, discover, explore, buy, use — or by touch point — website, retail store, mobile app, social platform, call center. Customers should get the same experience no matter when or how they interact with you. And the experience you deliver should be unmistakably yours.
  4. Focus on CX that’s essential to your industry. Experience is important to customers whether your market is B2C or B2B.

    But CX that’s most relevant will vary by industry and even by brand. Amazon® shoppers rely on a flawless website and delivery experience. Apple® consumers demand rapid innovation. Prudential Insurance® customers expect reliability. Walmart® buyers look for low price. Extending brand values across channels is smart, but never neglect core competencies.
  5. Define and track CX metrics. You aren’t managing what you aren’t measuring. How will you know when you’ve achieved CX excellence? Once you have, how will you define the next level? Key metrics include customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales. Use them to track what works and what doesn’t, where you’re falling short and how you’re succeeding.
  6. Build CX into revenue models. CX shouldn’t just be something your marketing department talks about from time to time. It needs to be baked into your business. Nearly two-thirds of companies say they’ve created models to assess drivers of CX quality.2 But only 28 percent can actually show a link between CX and business outcomes. And, 33 percent say they don’t know if CX efforts are delivering business results. Like everything else, CX will follow the dollars.


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