Cashing in on IT for Competitive Advantage

A financial services leader leverages a reliable, secure IT infrastructure to distinguish itself among competitors.

Providing the most reliable, secure IT infrastructure possible
It’s a daily struggle for any provider of products or services that consumers perceive as commodities: How do you differentiate yourself in the marketplace? You can dole out only so many promotional giveaways or “buy-one-get-one-free” deals before consumers lose interest and stop paying attention. You need a true differentiator that gives you lasting competitive advantage.

For one financial services company, the answer lay not in special offers or even in the products and services themselves — but in IT.

How? By providing the most reliable, secure IT infrastructure possible, the company could achieve two imperatives. First, it could give customers safe, dependable access to their accounts and related information and services. Second, it could empower employees to stop worrying about processes and resources, and instead focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience.

In other words, reliable, secure IT simply became a fact, and the company could pay closer attention to its core mission. Any competitor whose IT infrastructure didn’t measure up was at a tangible disadvantage in the marketplace.

End-to-end Edge

With more than $800 billion in assets under management, this U.S.-based global financial services leader specializes in wealth creation for some 2 million individual, business and institutional clients. The company offers a rich portfolio of financial products, services and planning, including wealth management, insurance and annuities.

Two years before the 2008 economic downturn, the company recognized the competitive value of IT. It also anticipated the rising incidence of cyber-attacks and data breaches, understanding the potential threat to customers and brand reputation. As a consequence, it made the strategic decision to invest in a reliable, secure IT infrastructure — and in a trusted partner that could deliver the ongoing management and continual improvement of its IT resources.

The company chose CompuCom® based on its ability to provide end-to-end IT services, and to support the company in the procurement, configuration and ongoing management of its IT landscape. Also key was CompuCom’s vendor- and technology-independent approach, providing access to the solutions and products that would best meet the company’s unique needs.

Today, the company procures IT equipment through CompuCom. It also relies on CompuCom to oversee operational delivery of an optimized IT environment, covering more than 19,000 devices. That includes management of all mission-critical aspects of IT, such as:

  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Networking
  • Unified Communications

CompuCom also provides end-user support for the company’s remote workers, encompassing life cycle management, from procurement through disposal, of desktop, laptop and mobile devices.

Tangible Results

Safety With Savings

As for any company in the financial services industry, protection of customer data is a primary concern. Exposure of personal information can lead to steep costs for remediation, potential lawsuits and fines. It can also damage a brand’s reputation and lead to lost business.

Since taking over management and delivery of IT operations, CompuCom has optimized the company’s network availability to 99.999 percent — the lauded “five nines” of availability. That gives both employees and customers always-on access to the information and resources they expect and demand.

Finally, in addition to managing day-to-day IT operations, CompuCom collaborates with the company on continual improvement. For example, CompuCom identified a costly legacy storage array and proposed a more effective solution that saved the company $13 million over the legacy solution. The goal is to fine-tune technologies and processes for higher performance while reducing overall costs — positioning the financial services leader to deliver better customer experience and achieve competitive advantage.


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