Retail IT Roundup

Here’s what retailers need to know about optimizing IT — and operations — in 2017.

IoT in Retail: Get Ready for Convergence 2.0

Retail leaders are deploying IoT in a big way. Retail laggards must catch up. But both need to achieve technology and cultural convergence.

Retail: From DX to CX

How digital transformations impact the customer experience.

Mobile in the Retail Store

Like their customers, retailers increasingly rely on mobile devices. Here’s the strategy retailers need to optimize their mobile ROI.

Tech-Zone + MyStore = Retail Success

CompuCom is opening dozens of Tech-Zone service centers. Our MyStore service helps retailers launch new stores quickly. What if …?

Achieving Innovation in Retail IT

IT innovation comes in many forms. But achieving innovation in retail IT requires a clear, proven innovation management framework.

Why Cloud Is the Next Big Thing in Retail

Retailers are discovering the cloud can deliver more flexible, efficient IT. Here’s how to make the most of the cloud in retail.

Store, Mobile, Social, All of the Above?

Today’s retail is omnichannel. But which channels will dominate going forward?

The IT You Need to Optimize the Retail Store

As online and mobile sales rise, the retail store remains central. But bricks and mortar now depend on IT.


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