Tech-Zone + MyStore = Retail Success

CompuCom is opening dozens of Tech-Zone service centers. Our MyStore service helps retailers launch new stores quickly. What if …?

CompuCom® is expanding into retail IT services through our Tech-ZoneTM service centers, which provide walk-up and scheduled IT support to small and midsize businesses (SMBs). SMBs treat Tech-Zone like a one-stop shop for all their technology and support needs.

CompuCom also happens to be a leader in IT services for the retail industry — for example, through our MyStore offering, which delivers a “store in a box.” MyStore bundles all IT and related components a retailer needs for opening or upgrading a retail location. The service then applies a time-tested methodology for getting the new store up and running quickly and reliably.

So when CompuCom developed an aggressive plan to open new Tech-Zone service centers around the country, we wondered: Could we leverage our MyStore capabilities to optimize the opening of every new Tech-Zone store?

Could we leverage our MyStore capabilities to optimize the opening of ever new Tech-Zone store?

Retail Success in a Box

Tech-Zone is the new provider of retail walk-up IT services powered by CompuCom. It’s targeted at SMBs, which haven’t had trusted, cost-effective options for IT support. At Tech-Zone service centers, customers have access to a broad range of hardware and software services delivered by experienced staff — the same level of expertise CompuCom provides enterprise clients.

“Tech-Zone has already opened 11 locations, with a goal to rapidly expand the rollout, reaching 30 stores in key U.S. cities by mid-2017,” says Rob Beebe, CompuCom project coordinator.

That’s where MyStore comes in. MyStore is an innovative service CompuCom offers to leading North American retailers. It provides them with a complete suite of services for store launches and upgrades. It includes everything from configuration to logistics, from installation to ongoing support. Our delivery organization is staffed by certified technical teams that boast a record of 100 percent on-time store openings.

“MyStore has benefited numerous major retailers, which rely on the service for fast, reliable and complete store rollouts,” says Jennifer Brooks, CompuCom senior director of client experience for supply chain. As an example, CompuCom worked with a large North America retailer to launch 1,100 new stores and upgrade 800 existing stores, completing all new-store integrations in six weeks and all upgrades in three weeks.

“We’re opening new Tech-Zone service centers at a rapid pace on a fixed timeline, just as any retailer would be doing,” notes Thomas McMillan, senior director of retail marketing for Tech-Zone. “So it made sense to leverage our MyStore service, which has been so successful for our clients in the retail industry.”

MyStore Gets in the Zone

For Tech-Zone, the MyStore team created a complete package that includes not just IT equipment, but everything the store needs to get up and running. That includes tablets and laptops, checkout and networking equipment, printers and paper, furniture, product displays, promotional materials, and supplies like staplers and cleaning products.

All those items are staged in CompuCom’s distribution facility in Paulsboro, N.J., where the equipment is configured and tested. It’s all labeled, bundled on pallets and loaded into a truck trailer. Items are packed so that the trailer can be unloaded in a logical and standardized way. 

The bundle is shipped to the new service center four days before it opens. That’s when the onsite team swings into action, unloading the truck, building out the service center, implementing and checking the equipment, and making sure everything is working from Day One.

MyStore and Tech-Zone
Several CompuCom teams collaborate to make the process a success. A procurement team sources all items and consolidates them in Paulsboro. A receiving team maintains the equipment in a specialized warehouse, where it’s labeled with instructions. A shipping team packs everything on the delivery vehicle. Finally, an on-site team rolls out every component of the service center in time for its opening.

As of mid-February, CompuCom had opened seven Tech-Zone locations using the MyStore service. A total of 20 service centers are planned for the first half of 2017, in North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio and Florida. “Then our rollout plan becomes really aggressive,” McMillan says, “with the hope of opening 500 stores throughout the United States in the next three years.”

MyStore will be crucial to achieving those objectives. “We were able to launch our latest Tech-Zone location in Florida in just two weeks from the time we secured the property till the time we opened our doors to the public,” McMillan recalls. “We never would have been able to do that without MyStore.”

CompuCom® is a registered trademark and Tech-ZoneTM is a trademark of CompuCom Systems, Inc.

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