Create informed and engaged store employees that deliver differentiated customer experiences


Customers are savier and more connected than ever, and shopper expectations are high. Retailers need knowledgeable store employees who can provide optimal customer interactions.

Taking advantage of its extensive retail expertise, and relationships with key partners, CompuCom® is equipping retailers with In-store Selling Advisor™ – the solution they need to set employees up for success with in-store customers.

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In-store Selling Advisor™ Features


Equip retail employees with Apple® devices


On-board faster with sales enablement and training from Bigtincan®.


Boost performance with assisted selling tools from Mad Mobile®


Support employees with IT services delivered by CompuCom


Powerful selling tools for retail employees

In-store Selling Advisor™ is a solution for retailers that puts a bundle of powerful selling tools into the hands of retail employees, including sales enablement and training, assisted selling, mobile devices, support and services – all at one fixed cost.

CompuCom's sales enablement capability equips retail employees with fast access to product information and the right knowledge to optimize their in-store interactions with customers who've done their homework. We make it easy for retailers to empower their employees to elevate the customer experience like never before.

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