Managed Server Services

Realize the Full Potential from Your Server Assets

Server Management

As production workloads move to the cloud, companies are grappling with covering increasingly complex data center components too numerous to be effectively managed with existing staff. IT departments are aggressively working to find more efficient processes to manage their server assets.

Tight budgets and distributed data centers increase the number of unmanaged and unmonitored assets within an organization. This can lead to performance issues, abandoned servers and heightened security risks. Managing these assets in-house is expensive; suffering a data breach on an unmanaged server can be catastrophic.

CompuCom’s Managed Server Services manages the ever-evolving components of your data center so that all of your assets are monitored and maintained, your environment stays healthy, and your users stay happy and productive.

Managed Server Services

How CompuCom Can Help You

By allowing CompuCom to monitor, manage and repair your servers, you can repurpose resources including your staff, time and money to more business aligned functions. With CompuCom, you get:

  • Our highly trained and certified IT pros, who bring an impressive level of expertise to a company, enabling you to scale your resource coverage while containing costs.
  • Managed services that provide efficiencies of scale for servers, from traditional infrastructure to virtual to cloud. This results in simplified visibility across server environments while reducing management and operational costs.
  • Active server monitoring and management that allows you to reallocate staff and resources for more vital services directly related to business tasks.
  • 24x7 monitoring that offers assurance to end users of increased system uptime, as any problems are discovered early and resolved more quickly.
Bundled Services that Provide Comprehensive Coverage

Our Bundled Services Boost Value and Efficiency

CompuCom’s Managed Server Services are just one component in our full IT service offering. In addition to our network, storage and security management services, CompuCom also offers End User Services, Field Services, and Service Desk capabilities that greatly enhance your management and user experience needs.

Our extensive portfolio of services offers a holistic view of the IT environment, to identify server problems faster and more accurately.

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