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What is Device as a Service?

CompuCom® Device as a Service (DaaS) offering provides technology hardware, managed services and consulting services needed to select the right devices for your business and keeps them running, updated and supported throughout their entire lifecycle, including retirement -- all for one fixed monthly fee.


How are device refreshes and upgrades handled?

We understand that your end users demand the most up-to-date technology and there are other constraints and pressures, including organizational and government compliance and regulation standards, that make your refresh and upgrade cycle uniquely yours. With DaaS, hardware upgrades are included  and you select the refresh cycle-level in your plan.  Further, planning is simplified because CompuCom facilitates availability of equipment inventory levels that meet your plan requirements.


How does DaaS compare to traditional hardware leasing?

Device as a Service and Leasing differ in three very important ways:

  • Traditional hardware leasing is through a 3rd party finance company - and will typically cost more because the leasing company return requirements are consistently in the double digits.
  • Leasing does not include any services.  All of the asset maintenance, management, configuration, refresh, support or IT Asset Disposition have to be contracted, or delivered in house, and have to be accounted for in the total cost of ownership.
  • For each different device type or OEM provider you will have to engage in separate negotiations, purchases, handling and inventory levels.

CompuCom DaaS offers a one-stop-shop for your hardware, software, and IT services, all at a predictable monthly rate - saving you considerable time, productivity and money.


Is my organization a good candidate for Device as a Service?

Any organization with more than 1,000 employees will immediately see a return to the bottom line by implementing DaaS.  There are also situations where it makes sense to go below that as a guideline.  For example, companies that have more than 500 company-owned mobile devices (laptops, tablets and phones) find the DaaS model to be advantageous because of its ability to seamlessly scale up and down as needs fluctuate.

Companies with a highly mobile or distributed workforce and/or large campus environments can especially benefit from DaaS, as it provides standardized IT solutions and configurations across locations and users.

CompuCom DaaS is available to our client organizations in Canada and The United States.


How is CompuCom’s DaaS offering different from competitors’?

CompuCom is the only DaaS provider that is vendor neutral.  Why is that important?  When you  tie yourself to a single OEM, you limit your ability to scale and be flexible and will often end up managing multiple DaaS contracts across vendors.

CompuCom DaaS provides you with complete flexibility - to purchase from any hardware provider of your choosing.  Choose devices from any one of our vast network of vendor partners that work for your business and have them all included in one simple plan. In addition to being a proven provider of technology hardware, CompuCom is an expert in IT services. We combine cutting-edge devices with worry-free configuration and deployment, lifecycle asset management, support and maintenance, and disposition.


What types of devices are available with CompuCom DaaS?

Literally, thousands. Our network of over 150 OEM partners allows CompuCom to offer the devices you need – desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones – from the vendor you want. We take care of the procurement, configuration, deployment, support, asset management, and end of life disposition for all devices for one simple fee, as part of your plan.


How is Device as a Service priced?

With DaaS all you pay is a fixed monthly fee per device. The rate is calculated based on the term of the contract, support model (remote vs. onsite), refresh rate, market interest rates and the price of the device.

CompuCom works with you to build a customized DaaS program that fits your business size, technology demands, and IT budget. We offer contract terms of 24, 36, or 48 months.


Am I committed to pay for that asset every month even if I am not using it?

Once a device of any kind is deployed, there is a portion of the monthly rate that is based on that asset lifecycle, and that monthly fee will remain for the lifecycle term.  However, the portion that is calculated for support services will not be charged when that asset is not in use.    

At CompuCom, we understand that there are always moves, adds and changes in staff, that’s part of the normal business process.  CompuCom’s DaaS services helps you with that by maintaining inventory levels appropriate for your business needs.  And, we automatically balance that inventory to your advantage, by re-deploying those assets that you are already paying a monthly fee for - before a brand new asset is put into service.


What benefits does CompuCom DaaS give me?

  • Device refresh and upgrades according to your unique requirements
  • A wide range of device options from your preferred vendor
  • Ability to scale up or down on-demand as business needs change
  • Eliminates the headache of forecasting for future hardware requirements
  • Financial flexibility for controlling your cash flow from an up-front pay for everything now model (CapEx), to a predictable monthly expense (OpEX) 
  • Reduce workload of internal IT staff by relying on an expert for device management and support
  • Single vendor for procurement through the entire lifecycle reduces the management resource burden
  • Asset and financial controls and reporting dramatically improved
  • Hassle-free, certified, secure, eco-friendly device disposition and destruction


What services are included in CompuCom DaaS offering?

Once you choose the assets that you want to deploy, CompuCom will support you with these services:

  • Procurement at the best available prices for our network of vendors
  • Device configuration and deployment, including all shipping and handling to the end user
  • End-to-end lifecycle asset management
  • Baked in device upgrade and refresh
  • Options of: Deskside or on-line support and
  • IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

All  from a single vendor and including in a single monthly consolidated payment, for all your devices.


I currently have several OEM providers and contracts with different expiration terms. Would I be able to implement CompuCom Device as a Service Offering?

Yes, adding Device as a Service works the same way as you have been - as devices are ready for refresh, the new devices are implemented under your DaaS model, so, it will take some time to completely roll out.  

CompuCom has years of experience in helping clients forecast demand for new equipment and services, dispose of their old IT assets securely using certified ‘green’ practices and understand the unique needs of every client.  We will help you with every step to adopt DaaS in your organization.  

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