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A Persona-Based Approach to Enhancing the End-User Experience

Let's face it: It's not always easy for end users to meet their technology-related procurement, service and information needs. The supporting process may be poorly designed, not personalized to the individual or lacking in other functional ways.

Through CompuCom® Digital Engagement Solutions, we provide Web-based tools that transform how your end users interact with CompuCom throughout the technology life cycle. We leverage information gathered by our Persona Service Management engine to automate a personalized, consumer-like experience that far exceeds what you'd typically find in a business IT delivery setting. CompuCom Digital Engagement Solutions include:

  • ClientLink® Portal for business end users: traditional B2B interactions across the IT life cycle
  • Persona Portal for B2C and B2P users: more consumer- and professional-oriented interactions across the IT life cycle
ClientLink Portal

The Benefits of a Persona-Based Approach

The end user's experience with our digital marketplace portals is shaped by his or her persona. For example, suppose an end user is looking to buy a new smartphone. The CompuCom digital marketplace portal will show product reviews from other people in the company. It will also recommend a selection of products based on what's appropriate — and has been approved — for the end user's specific role. As a result, he or she can accomplish the task faster and is less likely to require support from IT. It makes for a more efficient and satisfying end-user experience.

We also apply advanced data analytics strategies to illuminate key buying behaviors and trends. These insights can improve your organization's visibility into costs and ROI while helping you evaluate corporate policies and service end users better.

Company Support Portal

ClientLink Portal

Our ClientLink Portal gives your business users access to CompuCom's offerings of products and support services at any point across the IT technology life cycle. This digital gateway provides:

  • A modernized shopping experience, including intuitive navigation
  • A dashboarding interface to create personalized heads-up displays into business users' supported environment and infrastructure
  • An omni-channel support venue that offers access to self-service and assisted-support channels

The ClientLink Portal makes it easy to buy products, track assets being monitored via remote infrastructure management, get technical support and much more. Our focus: making your business users more productive and helping your organization optimize resources.

IT Portal

Persona Portal

Similar to our ClientLink Portal, but harnessing the power of our Persona Services Management offering, our Persona Portal steers your end users along the technology life cycle with anticipatory products, services, subscriptions and support. The results? Increased client satisfaction along with reduced support time and costs. 

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