Windows 10 Migrations Made Easy


Full support for Windows 7 support ends January 14, 2020 – and Windows 8.1 ends in January 2023 – making Windows 10 migration an impending responsibility.

Contact us today to make this digital deadline a done deal through custom Windows 10 migration services that include:

  • Infrastructure and requirements analysis
  • Design and planning analysis
  • Environment and process development
  • IT support and endpoint management solutions

Windows 10 Migration Features


Configuration and image management expertise with over 300 Microsoft® Certified Systems engineers.


Over 5,000 local field support professionals reduce complexity and lower costs.


Single point-of-contact provides quick access to experts and accelerates adoption and completion.


Leverage Device as a Service and migrate to Windows 10 with new devices at a monthly, predictable fee.


Windows 10 Migration Opportunities

Windows 10 migration comes with a host of challenges. But partnering with CompuCom for your move comes with even greater benefits.

Our deep experience and proven end-to-end migration strategy reduces risk and offers cost optimization for a smooth transition experience.

And our Device as a Service solution lets you migrate to Windows 10 – and other platforms like Apple – with all new devices at a monthly, predictable fee.


Accelerate your Windows 10 Migration with CompuCom.

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