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Launching a new product, service, or revamping your customer experience is a daunting task. How much easier would it be if you had a guide to help you?

Design-led companies have outperformed the S&P 500® by 228% over the last 10 years.1 Investing in Design Thinking has given these companies the ability to create innovative and empathetic solutions that provide a competitive advantage.

Incorporating human-centered design greatly improves your chances of producing innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations. CompuCom® can help you apply human-centric design to the way your business works.


“Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like. That’s not what we think design is. Design is how it works.”

— Steve Jobs2


Delight Customers by Design

An exceptional customer experience is at the core of CompuCom’s Design Thinking methodology. Let us help you reframe problems, develop new insights and conceptualize innovative solutions -- in as few as twenty days. Our  proven framework is made up of five phases that facilitate an iterative approach to deliver outcomes that exceed your end users’ needs and create measurable value.

In short, it’s a superior way to achieve business results.


The Design Thinking Journey

Icon: Empathize

Determine who the customer is and identify what really matters to them

Icon: Define

Verify what the customer really needs

Icon: Ideate

Two-day workshop to devise creative solutions to meet or exceed the customer’s needs

Icon: Prototype

Representations of one or more of the ideas that have the highest potential

Icon: Test

Show prototype idea(s) to users, capture feedback, iteratively incorporate into development

Design Thinking Methodology

Sprint to Better Design

CompuCom delivers Design Thinking in a four-week sprint, providing clients with design research, a workshop, and post-workshop production where final prototypes are created. All deliverables are presented at an executive readout.

Your schedule allowing, CompuCom can take your team from inception to delivery in as little as 20 working days. This provides potential results much faster than the standard months-long duration of most innovation projects.

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1 “Design-Driven Companies Outperform S&P by 228% Over Ten Years – The ‘DMI Design Value Index,” Design Management Institute, March 10, 2014
2 New York Times, “The Guts of the Machine”, 2003


Digital transformation requires a new way of thinking that focuses on outcomes. Start designing!

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