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Personas in Technology

Your employees have grown accustomed to having always-on access to information, applications and entertainment in their personal lives, and now they're increasingly expecting the same flexibility from enterprise systems. How well is your IT department addressing this challenge?

CompuCom® Persona Service Management can help you align your technology with the needs of the business and employees to ensure the right people get the right applications, devices and access at the right time.


Understanding Personas and Their Value

In their simplest form, personas group employees by a set of common characteristics, such as:


Icon: Personas

Roles and function

Icon: Security Acess

Security access

Icon: Responsibility

Level of responsibility

Icon: Devices

Approved devices and applications

Icon: Support

Support level required



Driving Continuous Improvement

When IT and the business share an understanding of the various personas within the organization, they also share a language for understanding employee needs and technical requirements.

CompuCom Persona Service Management integrates with the rest of our suite of End-User Services to help you address the full spectrum of employee needs around devices, applications and mobility. This enables you to make smarter decisions in defining, designing and operating technologies and services — today and in the future.


Why CompuCom?

Icon: Personas

150+ Attributes
tracked to build a persona

Icon: Device

5.1 Million Devices
managed for more than 4 million employees

Icon: Downward Graph

10 - 20%
average reduction of cost in the first 12 months of persona-based analytics

Enhance the End-User Experience

Enhance the End-User Experience

Create a personalized, consumer-like experience that far exceeds what you'd typically find in a business IT delivery setting through CompuCom’s Digital Engagement tool.

CompuCom develops portals that transform how your employees interact with their technology life cycle giving you data on your employees’ behaviors and trends.

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