Internet of Things (IoT) Solution

The Future Is Now: Let Us Simplify Your Adoption of IoT Services

IoT Services That Transform Your Business

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not a futuristic technology. It is here now, driving vast amounts of sensor-driven data and the need for analytics, as well as enabling enormous change in all industries including retail, financial, healthcare, education, cities, and much more.

Through our recent acquisition, CompuCom® offers nearly a decade of experience as an IoT solutions provider. We’re one of the few providers that deliver a true IoT life cycle services to help transform your business now.

CompuCom helps you enhance the safety of your workplace, improve end-user experience, and derive real value by digitizing and then automating in real time how an environment responds to a user’s needs. Analyzing new concise data produced by digitizing supports accurate decisions with predictable outcomes. CompuCom IoT solutions are results-driven and have been implemented within Stores/Branches of the Future, Safe Schools, Smart Hospitals, and Efficient Cities.

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Why CompuCom for IoT?
Factoid: How Big is the IoT Market?

Our IoT Focus: Design, Build and Maintain the Future Today

The key value to IoT is the ability to realize advantages in how you do business.  CompuCom will partner with your business to formulate a results driven strategy for leveraging IoT solutions.  We work with you to plan an approach to provide immediate results and get positioned to stay ahead of the competition.

IoT is exciting technology, if and when it results in quantifiable business advantage. CompuCom is delivering outcomes that are changing the landscape for our clients.

Let us help you design, integrate, maintain and manage a powerful IoT system for your organization.

Building and IT systems that CompuCom IoT solutions will monitor
Integrated IoT Solution

Benefits of CompuCom’s IoT Solutions

Our IoT solutions and services can help you:

  • Save money, both in capital expenditures and operating expenditures
  • Track behavior for real-time marketing
  • Improve life safety
  • Improve process efficiency
  • Optimize resource consumption
  • Gain instant control and response in complex autonomous systems
  • Transform direct business models

To learn more, contact a CompuCom sales representative.

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