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Save Money with Flexible Rate Plans Specific to Your Business Needs

The pressure is on companies to reduce expenses and meet end users’ mobility demands while streamlining device, expense and carrier management.

Not only is it challenging to do this while managing the entire device lifecycle, but it’s also extremely expensive. The fact is, most devices are not on the most cost-effective wireless rate plan.

CompuCom’s Mobile Access Solution – Powered by AT&T attaches price-competitive rate plans to individual devices and reduces the complexity of your mobile environment. Through CompuCom’s sourcing management with leading OEMs and AT&T, you can purchase smartphones, tablets, laptops and IoT devices directly from CompuCom at optimal prices.


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Mobile access rate plans

The Right Wireless Rate Plan for the Right Device

Our Mobile Access Solution is a full-spectrum offering for mobile devices for small-to-medium businesses and large corporations, from device acquisition through disposition. Our capabilities include:

  • Mobile access rate plans: Flexible and cost-effective month-to-month plans are allocated per device. Optional plans can be added at any time for new devices and projects, or for devices that require more data or bandwidth. There are no early termination fees or activation fees.
  • Sourcing management: CompuCom and AT&T’s portfolio of smartphones, feature phones, tablets, laptops and IoT devices, including wireless failover capabilities, is among the best in the wireless industry. Through the power of CompuCom’s sourcing management, you can purchase these mobile devices at competitive prices.
Reduce your current mobile spend

Benefits of the CompuCom and AT&T Collaboration

Reduced costs: CompuCom creates and aligns the proper plan to each device to minimize cost, and monitors service usage to ensure plan efficiency. You pay for the data you use, not for data left unused. We have seen up to 35 percent or more in savings for clients.  CompuCom’s Service Desk can also provide device usage reports and highlight those devices that may have zero usage. We can place these devices in a suspended mode or deactivate the devices to reduce your monthly mobile spend.

More efficiency with a single-source solution: We provide business users with flexible device options, a single point of contact (they talk to a live Service Desk associate), and consolidated billing. We also reduce complexity and save resources by being your single-source solution provider for mobile access.

Benefits of CompuCom Mobile Access Solution

Discover how much you can save by moving to a mobile access solution.

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