Better than leasing. Better than buying.

Buying or leasing devices?

Up-to-date, secure devices are essential to businesses’ productivity and help you remain competitive. However device refreshes are often extended well beyond their due dates as IT departments are stretched to balance managing the devices while tending to urgent business critical needs.

CompuCom® DaaS includes all the technology hardware, managed services, and consulting you need to select the right devices for your business, then keep them running, updated, supported and retired. All this for one monthly predictable fee.


Benefits of Device as a Service


Can’t We Do DaaS Ourselves?

DaaS is not just leasing the hardware and hiring a managed services company to support the service(s).

In the pre-DaaS world, you would have to find three entities to cobble together a solution. The hardware provider, the IT services company, and a leasing agent.

Instead CompuCom does it all for you - procuring the best technology, avoiding penalties and delivering consistent Managed Services, no matter what brand of device you use.

DaaS provides businesses greater flexibility

DaaS, Right for Your Digital Workplace

As your company transforms to become more focused on the digital workplace, the old model of buying or leasing IT equipment is no longer flexible.

The average organization loses about 9% of devices. The penalty for those devices can equal 21% of the original cost of the device. With DaaS you get real asset management, so you can always see what is in your inventory

DaaS provides businesses greater flexibility, lower total cost of ownership and frees up IT to focus on more strategic projects. By moving device purchases from capital expenditures to operational expenditures, you get greater visibility into your IT budget.


What is Device as a Service?

DaaS is not just device leasing. It’s much more.

Your Choice of Devices

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Configured, Deployed, Managed and Supported

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Packaged in a Single, Per Device Monthly Fee

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Control your total cost of device ownership with the ease of life cycle management.

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