Focus on Business, Not Asset Management

From technology procurement to technology disposition, every IT asset has a lifecycle. And knowing where a particular asset sits within the IT lifecycle is key to proper asset lifecycle management.

CompuCom® helps businesses plan and budget for every step of their IT asset lifecycle. We leverage a proprietary, ITIL® Integrated Infrastructure Management (IIM) framework that cuts costs and improves digital transparency — while aligning your technology management with your business goals and corporate culture.


End-to-end Asset Lifecycle Services

Procure and Provision

Procure & Provision

A one-stop-shop for any technology asset with multiple warehouses and configuration centers available.

Icon: Deploy and Integrate

Deploy & Integrate

6,000+ certified technicians available to install, move, add, change and decommission assets.

Manage and Support

Manage & Support

Our customized Depot Repair Services keeps all IT assets up-to-date.



Simplify and secure the process of retiring IT assets with Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) services.

Paulsboro Configuration Center

Tailored IT Lifecycle Management

We handle custom configuration of any technology you need in our centralized configuration centers. The result is decreased deployment costs and less time spent implementing and removing technology throughout your enterprise.

Our well-defined process fulfills orders in a timely, cost-efficient and accurate fashion. And our state-of-the-art ITAD processes simplifies the retiring of outdated IT assets — while using the highest standards in data wiping.


Asset lifecycle management sustains operations and drives change as your business evolves.

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