Network Solutions

Stopping the Vendor Blame Game

When problems pop up on your network, answers can be hard to come by. The circuit provider blames the router manufacturer. The router manufacturer points the finger back at the circuit provider. Meanwhile, your business sits at a standstill with a downed network.

CompuCom® Network Solutions end the blame game. We proactively monitor your entire network and respond to alerts in real time — identifying the source of the problem, and then rapidly resolving it. Our only priority is making sure your business is fully functional as quickly as possible.

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Addressing network problems

Looking for Help from the Outside

Addressing network problems isn't easy; it takes a deep and thorough understanding of complex systems. Equally challenging, network outages don't always happen between 9 and 5, so having round-the-clock coverage to quickly address issues as they arise is critical.

Telecommunications companies can offer some assistance, but they can't handle your entire network. Managed service providers? While they can help determine where issues lie, they lack the field staff and expertise to repair or replace hardware if needed. 

Network Services: Ready to Respond

Ready to Respond, 24/7

The CompuCom Managed Network Services team includes network professionals with all the necessary skills to address your network's problems. When your network has an issue, we'll give you immediate attention and coordinate all the specialists required to resolve it successfully.

Network Matrix

How Our Network Operations Centers Benefit You

When you hand off your network management to CompuCom, you can count on:

  • Improved network utilization and capacity to avoid network congestion
  • Increased end-user productivity with a consistent service experience
  • Rapid response to network issues, regardless of the problem source
  • Transport bandwidth from leading carriers
  • A service package that fits your budget and service-level needs
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