Advance Backup Internet Connection

As businesses introduce more technology, the risk of revenue-losing and productivity-killing downtime increases. A few minutes offline disrupts critical operations and the overall customer experience.

CompuCom® Wireless Failover helps maintain a seamless customer experience by protecting your business from dropped internet connections.


Network Downtime Lost Revenue Calculator

Calculate how much revenue you can save by moving to a Wireless Failover Solution.

How many locations do you have?
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Industry average downtime per week is 30 minutes per location. Please position where you think your current downtime, in minutes, is on the scale.
15 minutes
(1/2 industry average)
60 minutes
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Good News!

By implementing a Wireless Failover Solution from CompuCom you could save $ in lost revenue every year - including the cost of the solution!

To learn more about how you can protect thousands of dollars.

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4G Wireless Failover Keeps Your Business Going

4G Wireless Failover Keeps Your Business Going

Wireless failover is an affordable redundant internet connection that keeps you online when your primary internet connection goes down.

The CompuCom Network Operations Center monitors client devices 24/7/365. If wireless failover is engaged, notifications are delivered to the support point-of-contact.

4G Wireless failover keeps communications, data file transfers, and applications running even if primary connection is down.


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