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Design. Procure. Deploy. Decommission.

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Flexible rate plans specific to your business needs.

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Mobile Device Management

Secure, manage and monitor your mobile devices.

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Telecom Expense Management

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Take on the Challenges that Come with a Mobile Workforce

Smartphones, tablets, wearables and 2-in-1 BYOD devices are enabling employees to access company information where and when they like.  Resulting in many more devices, operating systems, applications and headaches, for IT to manage and support.  With our Enterprise Mobility Solutions, you can provide device and application choice for tech-savvy employees while maintaining a level of security, compliance and cost control that mitigates company risk.


Mobile Devices: By the Numbers


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90% of employees use mobile devices to access business applications from outside the office, according to Avast


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Gartner found that 36% of employees receive laptops from employers, and only 23% are issued smartphones



Knowledge workers routinely use 3 to 5 devices to do their work


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