Enterprise Mobility Lifecycle

Enterprise Mobility Lifecycle

Manage Outcomes, Not Devices

Your end-users love their devices. They’re most productive when they’re using the right technology, getting more done with ease.

The ideal way to achieve this is to think strategically – beyond devices. Think entire device lifecycle.

This means choosing the right devices after carefully understanding your end-user personas, business processes and business requirements. Next, support your end-users with a 24/7/365 service desk for all inquiries and software updates. And finally, dispose of the old devices in a secure, environmentally friendly and financially responsible way.


8 Steps to Master Enterprise Mobility at Your Organization

Have a mobile workforce? Learn how to provide them with the right devices using an enterprise mobility life cycle approach.

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What, which, how much?

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Device Selection: Thinking through items such as “how much memory do end-users need?” or “Do the devices need to be ruggedized?” or “Will certain apps run on iOS vs. Android?” are exactly the details we dive into before recommending any technology.  Beyond devices, as an Enterprise Mobility Solution provider, we’ve got the expertise to manage these new devices and applications for you.


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Device Sourcing: Our long-standing OEM relationships and deep knowledge of enterprise devices means that we can deliver the appropriate smartphones, tablets, laptops/MiFi's connected devices, IoT, M2M and whatever new technology is released tomorrow.


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Device Procurement: Devices are only half the story. The mobile access rate plan and your telecom expense management process is an essential component to making enterprise mobility financially work for your company. Our partnership with the AT&T Partner Exchange Program provides you flexible and scalable mobile access for smartphones, data only devices, M2M and IoT. Our TEM solution typically saves enterprises 15%. 


Setting up and connecting

Kitting and Configuration: this is the official term for setting up both the outside and inside of a device. This could mean adding a rugged case to 500 mobile phones used out on construction sites. This could also mean loading corporate specific software and proprietary apps to 250+ devices to be shipped across the country to several different offices. This step is expertly managed at our Paulsboro center, specifically designed for this type of processing.
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Mobile Access Provisioning: We set up each device so that as soon as your employees get their new device and turn it on, it connects securely to your corporate network and interacts effortlessly with your existing technology. This step means that day one, your new devices play well with others.
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Productive, supported and up-to-date

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Deployment: We compile and manage the inventory, provide tracking and ship the devices direct to your employees nation-wide

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Service and Support: Our famous happy help desk. A knowledgeable CompuCom employee answering your support calls 24/7/365. This covers all software updates, bug fixes, employee device questions and repair requests

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Device Disposition: When it is time for your employees to upgrade to a new device, we handle the collecting and retiring of all older devices. This is done in an environmentally conscious and secure way, including wiping of all sensitive data. Often credits from retired devices can be available to put toward the purchase of new devices.



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