In today’s workplace, employees have more demanding expectations when it comes to technical support. A device that stops working, such as a mobile phone or a laptop, can bring employee productivity to a standstill and create unnecessary anxiety.

CompuCom® Walk-Up Services, called Solution Cafés®, are designed to transform traditional deskside services to enhanced on-site support. Solution Cafés provide employees walk-in technical assistance for their company-owned and personal devices, in a retail-like environment.  No phone calls, no need to wait for someone to come by.

Walk Up Services

Solution Cafés

Solution Cafés represent a revolutionary new approach to technology support. Located at client sites, Solution Cafés are walk-up service centers where employees can stop by to get help with their technology hardware and applications. Technical experts are available on-demand and by appointment to handle hardware repairs, technology refreshes, software upgrades and more. Employees can choose to hang out in a café-like atmosphere while their device is being serviced or drop it off for later pickup.


Solution Café Zones

Greeting Zone Icon

Greeting Zone
Employees are welcomed and thier needs are identified. They can also access a self-service kiosk to check-in.

Product Zone Icon

Product Zone
An area where employees can try out the latest company-sanctioned devices, peripherals and apps.

Tech-Zone Icon

Tech Zone
Technicians provide hardware repairs, technology refreshes and software upgrades.


Lounge Zone Icon

Lounge Zone
While their devices are being serviced, employees can relax or work while they wait.

Learning and Collaboration Zone Icon

Learning & Collaboration Zone
Employees can use this area for learning and collaboration as well as business and technology training.

Secure Mobile Printing Icon

Secure Mobile Printing
Employees can print what they need from their smartphone or tablet. Secure shredding services may also be available here.


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