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The rapid adoption of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices has been a double-edged sword for IT decision-makers. On one hand, these devices have led to an extraordinary leap in workforce productivity. People can work anywhere at any time – even when they are on the go. On the other hand, these devices introduce security risks at many levels of the corporate environment and a new array of potential expenses that can spiral out of control if not managed appropriately.

To get your arms around this challenging opportunity, you need a comprehensive strategy to manage, integrate, and secure mobile devices that not only addresses today’s needs, but builds a Holistic Lifecycle platform for the future. 

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Daily Operations

Daily Operations

The CompuCom® Mobility Support Center is a shared team of mobility experts available 24x7x365 for your IT department and employees’ mobile device support needs. 

Daily operations:

  • We work with you to streamline processes and policies to provide quicker response and resolution times
  • Configuring and managing all device and system alerts
  • Proactively reviewing logs for connection problem
  • Monitoring mobile device activity and security
  • Quarantine any foreign devices/activity
  • On device application management – ensuring corporate and operating system compliance
Monthly Operations

Monthly Operations

Monthly operations:

  • Governance meeting with recommendations - Our mobile team will work with your IT staff and business units to create the required policies that support your corporate IT structure and meet your business needs
  • Creating, updating and managing documentation
  • Testing and updating software    
  • Device policy creation, monitoring, testing, deploying and review
Consulting & System Management Reporting

Consulting and system management reporting

Our thorough and accurate reporting highlights opportunities to use the corporate network more efficiently, secure potential weak areas and manage costs effectively.

  • Consulting: As we learn more about your business, corporate network and system use, we will recommend on re-enrollment processes and device deployment to use resources and data most efficiently.
  • Daily and monthly reporting

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