Proactively Fix Your Technology

Technology downtime creates productivity loss, higher costs and can even damage the relationship between your business and your customers.

Whether device failure, application error, network connectivity issues or operating system error, CompuCom® Self Healing Technology provides the automation that detects and remediates the issue — without employee intervention.


Self Healing Store™

Focus on your customers and not your technology. Self Healing Store automatically resolves device issues without interrupting the customer experience.

Associates avoid troubleshooting, phone calls to a service desk, wait time and frustration. They can focus their attention on store performance and the customer experience.

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Self Healing Branch™

Financial institutions can’t afford branch-level outages. The Self Healing Branch is an automated service that keeps branch technology up and running by monitoring device, application and network performance in real time.

Engineered to drive continuity, the Self Healing Branch lets banks focus on the customer, not on technology challenges.

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Self Healing Healthcare

Self Healing Healthcare™

Frustrating downtime means blocked access to medical records, delayed admissions, lost patients, lost revenue, and more.

Self Healing Healthcare automatically detects and fixes issues so staff can worry about treatment, not technology.

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Self Healing Technology Features

Icon: Predictive

Predictive, proactive & automated

Icon: Real Time Alerts

Real time alerts

Icon: Multi Platform

Multi platform support with seamless integration

Icon: Single click

Single click self help tools for user

Icon: SaaS

Safe & secure SaaS and on premise model

Self Healing Technology

Artificial Intelligence that Lowers Cost and Risk

Leveraging CompuCom’s ASCEND® Digital Platform, Self Healing Technology saves significant time and money by decreasing issue resolution to minutes and minimizing needless replacement of parts and expensive technician visits.

In the event that Self Healing Technology is unable to fix an issue, the system automatically dispatches a technician with the right parts and tools to ensure the problem is quickly resolved.


Self Healing Technology can keep your organization up and running. Connect with a CompuCom expert to learn how to leverage this innovation.

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