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Questions and Answers

1.  What is Self Healing Technology?

CompuCom’s® Self Healing Technology is an automated service that monitors your device’s performance, and automatically detects and resolves issues, outages, and failures through an automated, predictive and proactive platform.


2. How does Self Healing Technology work?

A lightweight agent is installed on endpoint devices. Once installed, CompuCom monitors and provides performance and health insights. Information is then provided concerning instances that can be automatically remediated. With Self Healing Technology issues are fixed before they impact employees or disrupt business, saving companies time and money.


3.  How is Self Healing Technology accessed?

CompuCom clients can access Self Healing Technology via the cloud as a Service (SaaS) or On Premise (Hybrid).

Provisioning of the Self Healing Technology takes two to four weeks.


4.  How does Self Healing Technology improve stores, branches and workplaces?

Stores, branches, and workplaces useSelf Healing Technology to gain more uptime with automation and proactive technology maintenance. CompuCom clients gain speed-to-market since issues are automatically diagnosed and resolved without employee intervention leading to fewer customer service delays, improved employee productivity, and greater sales and operational efficiency.


5.  Does Self Healing Technology scale?

Yes, any organization within the United States of America and Canada operating multiple distributed locations will immediately see a return to the bottom line by implementing Self Healing Technology.


6.  How would my employees use this tool to resolve the issue?

Once installed, Self Healing Technology monitors and provides performance and health insights. When an issue is detected, Self Healing Technology on the device agent can automatically resolve multiple issues without user intervention. When issues are not automatically remediated, an incident is created with the client and issue information is issued for the support teams to triage and resolve proactively.  


7.  Is there a self-help tool?

Yes, an optional self-help, Self Healing desktop application is installed on the endpoint devices for users to initiate troubleshooting for issues with single-click resolution.


8.  How does this tool ensure security and compliance?

Companies can use Self Healing Technology to enforce security settings through monitoring and system management applications.


9.  What are common type of issues resolved by CompuCom’s Self Healing Technology?

Over 400+ types of issues can be automatically resolved by Self Healing Technology. Examples of some of the issues are related to Point of Sale (POS), Workstations, Teller Machines (Banking), Thin Clients (Healthcare), Computers/Laptops, Hard Drive, Apps, PC tune-ups, Outlook, Printers, Peripherals, Browser, Display, Digital Signage, Connectivity, Network, Driver, Antivirus, blue screen or startup issues.


10. How does Self Healing Technology save money?

Proactive monitoring and resolution backed by automation and our managed services can save up to 20 percent of your technology department's time while keeping your store technology up and running. Up to 15 - 20 percent cost reduction on technician on-site visits for unpredictable failures, peak season tech support and service desk calls.


11. How much time does it take to resolve issues?

Issues that usually take hours and days to get resolved are now resolved in seconds or minutes with Self Healing Technology.


12. Can CompuCom integrate Self Healing Technology with other platforms and offer end-to-end technical support?

Yes, Self Healing can integrate with multiple platforms like Windows®, Linux, Mac, Android, IoS, Chrome and various ITSM platforms. Self Healing Technology is an easy plug-n-play with all other CompuCom’s managed services to provide end to end technology support to its customers.


13. How much does Self Healing Technology cost?

Self Healing Technology is priced per device, per month and also offered as a license. Please call us at 1-800-350-8430 to learn more about the cost. 


14. What are the key benefits of the Self Healing Technology?

  • Reduction in field technician visits
  • Overall issue reduction
  • Faster issue resolution
  • Improved customer experience and satisfaction
  • Increased device update
  • Actionable insights into performance and automations
  • Improved employee utilization
  • Non-invasive troubleshooting


15. What services are included in Self Healing Technology?

The solution includes our managed services, performance reports, and a standard library of automations.

Mac/Win/iOS/Android/ Linux/ Chrome

On-device Agent for:

  • Auto-diagnosis
  • Remediation
  • Self-help app
  • Asset information
  • Use Statistics

Managed Services for:

  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Performance Management
  • Delivery of Automations
  • Reporting and Actionable Insights
  • Analytics Dashboards
  • Recommendations


16. Does Self Healing Technology integrate with other providers of service desk technology?

Yes. Self Healing Technology can seamlessly integrate with most platforms, including but not limited to ServiceNow®, Amdocs®, HP® Service Manager, and more.


17. Is Self Healing Technology only for POS devices?

No, Self-Healing can be installed on any endpoint devices with Windows®, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS and also detect performance on endpoint connected peripheral devices such as printers, check readers, hard drives, and more. 


18.  Does Self Healing Technology require our own ServiceNow?

Self Healing Technology integrates with CompuCom’s Multi-Tenant ServiceNow to create and update incidents. Self Healing Technology can integrate with customers on different ITSM platforms or use their own instance of ServiceNow with the level of effort and implementation to be addressed on an individual basis.


19. How can we use the data for other integrations?

A tremendous amount of data is collected and analyzed with Self Healing Technology that provides value to asset management or PC Lifecycle Management processes. The data gathered from the client is accessed via Application Programing Interface (API) using a push or pull capability.


20. How can we use the data for other integrations?

A tremendous amount of data around device, network & application performance is collected and analyzed with Self Healing Technology that provides value to asset management or PC Lifecycle Management processes.


21. How secure is my client data?

Very secure. CompuCom performs a risk assessment on its vendors to evaluate their security posture and ensure that the vendors (and their products) comply with CompuCom’s strict security policies.


22. What are the lightweight agent client requirements?

Self Healing Technology supports all the major operating systems including Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Mac and Chrome OS.

Client Agent Requirements:

System Utilization:

  • Network -~200KB/day
  • CPU - between 1-5%
  • Memory - 20MB

System Requirements:

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 333 MHz CPU
  • 40 MB disk space


23. Does Self Healing Technology support my data center infrastructure?

No. The Self-Healing Store supports endpoint devices and is not intended for use in monitoring or remediating issues with data center infrastructure such as servers or network gear.


24. What are the differences between the cloud and on-premise options?

The primary difference is where the infrastructure components are installed. CompuCom is responsible for supporting and maintaining the cloud, SaaS-based platform. On-premise solution will require the customer to provision and support the necessary servers.  

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