Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Today’s enterprises want clarity on their telecom expenses.

TEM can reduce expenses for enterprise wireless and wireline phones. TEM saves your humans from having to do this crazy work of combing through bills to find out where the over charges are. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution to paying back the employee

But billing errors are common and hard to identify among large fleets of mobile devices. Allocating charges across departments is confusing. The number of discontinued or redundant services is growing. And enforcing consistent cost policies – like roaming employee allowance – is time-consuming.

Some organizations manage to reduce their mobile and fixed-line bills by over 15% with telecom expense management (TEM) providers.

But selecting the right partner can be a long and painful process. Vendors often fail to deliver on projected savings or do not satisfy company executives with technology, implementation, reporting, and support.

CompuCom® offers a centralized solution for wireless and wireline expense management, real-time spending overview and inventory, credit recovery, and bring your own device (BYOD) policy enforcement.

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An End to Overspending, Service Redundancy, and Fraudulent Charges
Recover Credits of erroneous charges and overbilled items

Full Clarity and Control of Telecom Expenses

CompuCom has supported organizations with the deployment and management of enterprise solutions for 25+ years. Clients can count on our deep expertise and understanding of the IT environment to optimize their telecom spending and enjoy the best carrier rates:

  • Advanced invoice auditing - compare rates and usage to spot cost variances
  • Eliminate billing for redundant or disconnected services and unused devices
  • Real-time overview of expenses and inventory
  • Recover credits of erroneous charges and overbilled items
  • Easy allocation of costs across departments
  • Bargaining power with a consolidated view on spending
  • Productivity – a simplified procurement and budgeting process
  • A partner at each step of the implementation process and ongoing vendor support
Real-time spending overview and inventory

On Your side

  • Up and running within 100 days
  • Automated audit, invoicing and plan optimization
  • Enforcement of carrier service level agreements (SLAs) and dispute management
  • Real-time spending overview and inventor
  • BYO payments with Cass Direct2Carrier Payment for business use of mobile phones
  • Wireline and wireless lifecycle management
  • Direct negotiation with carriers
  • Hosted portal to manage devices, plans, and invoices
  • Dashboard tailored to your needs
  • Identification of fraudulent charges (disconnected services) 24/7 helpdesk
A Trusted Partner: Excessive costs and billing errors shouldn’t be for you to manage alone. You need a reliable partner, like CompuCom, with a proven track record in:

Learn more about CompuCom’s TEM solution and how it can support your organization at every step of the way.

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