IT Asset Disposition

The Right Tools for the Job


Optimize Your Technology Investment

Digital solutions that support your strategic vision
As a small business owner, you have different time constraints and different budget needs than bigger establishments. What isn’t different?  Access to the very best IT resources. In today’s high-velocity workplace, you need the best, most dependable digital solutions and support, at the right price. Enter, End-to-End Lifecycle Support.

End-to-End Lifecycle Support

Your personal IT team

Great talent thrives on impact and innovation. Give your employees reliable, easy-to-use digital products and support that allow them to effortlessly connect with their devices, wherever they work. Small Business Solutions, in association with our parent company Office Depot, helps you build a strong IT infrastructure without going over budget. One that grows with your company and enables your employees to excel.

You’ll get end-to-end lifecycle support, and a single-source provider who will supply, configure, deploy, service and track your devices – so you can focus on growing your business.

Let's begin building a better workplace.



  • Product selection and procurement
  • Configuration
  • Deployment
  • Asset tracking
  • Advanced break/fix support
  • Security and data integrity
  • Safe, end-of-life disposal (devices wiped clean)


  • Maximize efficiency with the right tools for the job
  • Devices from top suppliers such as Apple, Cisco, and HP
  • Efficient, environmentally-friendly technologies
  • A device configuration success rate of over 99.9%
  • Expert support and consultation
  • Remote connectivity and security

Do employees use their own devices?

We have a plan to manage them all.


Create the Ideal Digital Workplace


By partnering with our parent company, Office Depot, you’ll build an environment that drives productivity and ignites creativity. Your employees will have access to the IT tools they need to collaborate with each other, contribute in meaningful ways and deliver value to your customers. Let us help you craft an exceptional digital workplace experience that aligns with your vision for the future.