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Learn to Identify Potential Risks


Safeguard Against Security Threats

Protect your DATA and reputation

The need for cyber security has never been greater. Today’s digital world has allowed us to stay connected and conduct business with ease, but this increased connectivity has left us vulnerable to cyber threats.

Small businesses need comprehensive security solutions that incorporate the cloud, as well as other infrastructure, to protect valuable data. CompuCom can construct a strong cyber defense, preventing breaches and reducing risk.

Microsoft Security Workshops for Your Peace of Mind

Learn how to mitigate and protect against security threats

CompuCom has partnered with Microsoft to give small business owners access to a security workshop specifically designed for security stakeholders. This workshop will help you develop a strategic plan based on expert recommendations. You’ll gain visibility into immediate threats across email, identity, and data as well as support on how to upgrade your security posture for the long term.

Once you attend a Security Workshop, you will walk away with actionable steps based on your organization’s unique security needs. Additionally, you’ll develop a thorough understanding of how to use the latest tools to accelerate your journey to optimal security.

Let's begin building a better workplace.



  • Security Workshop
  • Threat check that identifies cybersecurity threats like malware, phishing emails, compromised user accounts, malicious OAuth apps, and suspicious user activities
  • Detailed assessment of your IT and security priorities
  • Long-term recommendations from security experts


  • Hands-on opportunity to experience integrated security
  • Actionable advice from security pros
  • Reduced risk of security threats down the road

Are you ready against security threats?

With our workshop you can plan ahead.


The Resources You Need to Create a Strategic Security Plan


Our Security Workshop will take your knowledge of cybersecurity to the next level. It will also instill the confidence you need to protect the small business you’ve worked so hard to build and grow.


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