CompuCom Has the Prescription for a Leading Pharmacy Chain

The close collaboration among CompuCom, the client and the telecommunications service provider has been longstanding—and successful.

This leading pharmacy chain operates nearly 8,000 branded stores in North America, plus nearly 1,000 walk-in medical clinics. The pharmacy’s parent company also delivers an expanding portfolio of specialty pharmacy services and is a leading pharmacy benefits manager, with more than 65 million plan members. With annual revenues exceeding $125 billion, the company ranks in the top 20 of the Fortune 500. Its 200,000 employees help enable individuals, businesses and communities manage their health more affordably and effectively.

The Challenge
The pharmacy operates thousands of retail locations that must remain connected to the corporate network. Network management, however, is not a core competency. As a consequence, the company made a strategic decision to outsource network transport and circuits to a major telecommunications provider. But while this major telco has many network operations centers (NOCs) around the world, it lacked a single, consolidated NOC that could service all the pharmacy’s routers, switches and wireless components.

The Solution
The client turned to CompuCom® for the ideal solution. By working as a close partner to the telco, CompuCom provides the pharmacy with comprehensive managed network services — all from a single NOC. That means the company gets seamless coverage for all network issues at all retail locations. If a network component at a retail store malfunctions, CompuCom can respond to meet the client’s aggressive service -level agreement.

CompuCom delivers network operations management services that cover a broad range of mission-critical IT activities, including project management, integrated infrastructure management, network services, staging and configuration, change management and implementation services.

Those services provide oversight for more than 30,000 routers, switches and other network devices. As just one example, CompuCom successfully completed a major project to roll out 7,800 new Cisco routers in an ambitious 12-month project window.

The Results
The close collaboration among CompuCom, the client and the telco has been longstanding — and successful. As a team, the organizations work cohesively to ensure the company benefits from network services that support the effective operation of its retail stores. CompuCom’s unsurpassed ability to fully understand and respond to the client’s requirements and expectations means exceptional coverage, superb service and ongoing value.

Proven results include lower IT costs, higher network availability, faster cycle time for network improvements and improved overall performance for the company’s pharmacy network. That helps the company’s nearly 8,000 retail locations enable customers to manage their health more affordably and effectively.

Client Name: 
Leading Pharmacy Chain
Services Provided: 
Measurable Results:
  • Lower IT costs
  • Higher network availability
  • Faster cycle times for network improvements
  • Improved performance for retail locations
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