Long-Term Care Provider Gains Peace of Mind Through Stronger Cybersecurity

The organization selected CompuCom because it was confident we have the experience and expertise to respond to potential cyberattacks.


This healthcare company is a leading provider of short-term post-hospital services and long-term care. It operates a network of more than 500 skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers, memory-care communities, assisted-living facilities, outpatient rehab clinics, and hospice and home healthcare agencies.


Like any healthcare provider, the company makes cybersecurity a high priority. But it also sought more reliable after-hours security management. The organization needed security management it could trust to respond quickly after normal workhours to identify potential security incidents and take appropriate action.


The provider turned to CompuCom for managed network and security services, as well as data center servers and storage. In particular, our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) as a Service offering monitors the company’s IT infrastructure and, in the event of unusual activities, takes automated action or alerts security staff. In addition, our support services complement in-house Level 3 support staff.

The organization selected CompuCom because it was confident we have the experience and expertise to respond to potential cyberattacks. We monitor the company’s IT environment after hours and remain available should any incidents be detected. If anomalous traffic appears on the network, we block the activity until we receive confirmation to disarm or remediate the event.

CompuCom combines our extensive cybersecurity knowledge with in-depth understanding of devices and how they’re being used throughout the IT environment. Those insights enable us to quickly recognize and respond to potential security incidents.


The provider now has confidence that patient, employee, financial and other sensitive data is protected around-the-clock. This stronger security contributes to compliance with HIPAA and other privacy-related regulations. Security log retention makes sure records are available for incident investigation.

What’s more, our SIEM as a Service capabilities correlate incidents for predictive analytics that enable increasingly accurate security response going forward. With CompuCom’s help, the company now has a stronger cybersecurity posture. It’s positioned to better safeguard its network, decrease time and costs to identify and remediate breaches, and more effectively protect data and patients alike.

Client Name: 
Long-Term Care Provider
Measurable Results:
  • After-hours security monitoring that minimizes the risk of network breaches.
  • Strong network security that contributes to compliance with HIPAA requirements.
  • Improved incident response times for faster, lower-cost remediation.
  • Greater ability to protect patient, employee, financial and other sensitive data.
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