U.S. Media Giant Depends on IT Service for Broadcasts

As a trusted and valued partner, CompuCom consistently delivered outstanding service and always ensured broadcasts were delivered via a reliable IT infrastructure.

This mass media mammoth is a U.S.-based media and entertainment company engaged in the production and marketing of entertainment, news and information services to a global customer base. The organization owns and operates U.S. television networks, numerous cable channels and a group of local stations, as well as motion picture companies, several television production companies and branded theme parks.

The Challenge
Previously a part of another CompuCom® client company, many IT managers at this media giant were already familiar with CompuCom and pleased with our service and IT expertise. Over the years, CompuCom had done an excellent job of delivering IT workplace service support to the organization under the prior owner and offering flexibility in both the services provided and delivery support.

Upon contract renewal with the new organization, the client sought an IT provider who would deliver improved service and a better end-user experience for service desk support. It also wanted higher monitoring and management support for server, network and storage services. The media company had previously engaged an offshore provider for these services, and wanted to move these IT services back onshore. In 2012, the company reaffirmed their vote of confidence in CompuCom’s service by renewing and upgrading a three-year contract.

The Solution
Delivering various IT support services to the entertainment corporation, CompuCom supports over 15,000 devices, including Unix, Linux, Windows and mainframe computing assets. From the Louisville, KY service center, CompuCom provides full Service Desk support to the entertainment titan’s 40,000 end users. Server, Storage and Network Management and Monitoring services are also performed both on-site and remotely from CompuCom’s Louisville, KY and Mexico City service centers. For the company’s Channel group, CompuCom provides on -site deskside support, as well as on-site deskside support services.

During 2012’s Hurricane Sandy, CompuCom proved its commitment to the client. To keep them up and running during this local disaster, a CompuCom team worked four straight days around the clock to keep the organization’s data centers functioning, enabling them to continue to broadcast critical news coverage to viewers. CompuCom was also pivotal in helping to meet a critical deadline by successfully transitioning server monitoring from a previous vendor to CompuCom in the sixty days just prior to the company’s airing a 2014 major global sports event.

The Results
The CompuCom Service Desk team continues to focus on increasing customer satisfaction by providing a higher level of Customer Care to all end-users. Over the years and with the latest contract renewal, CompuCom has proven to be a trusted and valued partner by consistently delivering outstanding service and always ensuring broadcasts can be delivered via a reliable IT infrastructure.

Client Name: 
U.S. Media Giant
Measurable Results:
  • Optimized end user productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Better collaboration
  • Performance improvements and error reduction
  • Cycle time improvements, faster time to market
  • Personnel and operational restructuring
  • Reduced downtime, higher uptime
  • Improved service levels and response times
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