"Go sell something, you’ll feel better."

What is your role at CompuCom? 

As the vice president of sales, I am responsible for driving customer success.

What motivates you at work?

Helping clients achieve their goals and aspirations.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I raced motocross through the age of 50 and coached ski racing with individuals at an Olympic level. One of my best coaches was Diane Roffe, an Olympic gold medalist.

Why did you choose to work at CompuCom?

The CompuCom and Office Depot merger offers a unique approach to the market for delivering services. I really believe that it drives significant synergies in the market.

What drives you in life – what are you most passionate about?

Successful outcomes in everything I do. 

What is your favorite quote or piece of advice?

I have three:

  • Go sell something, you’ll feel better
  • Business is full of 2-foot walls. You need to know when to step over them and when to return back over the wall to your role
  • It’s not enough to do what’s expected, you need to do what’s required