"The best part about working at CompuCom is the ability to drive change and provide thought leadership."

What is your role at CompuCom?

My role at CompuCom is unique in the sense that I am working on a team to help build a startup inside of an $11 billion company.  I have tons of responsibilities from sales, to operations, to marketing, public speaking events, coaching/training account executives and account managers and developing brand awareness both internally and externally.  We have to wear lots of hats but that’s the exciting part!

What motivates you at work?

I enjoy helping customers solve problems. Having the ability to transform their business motivates me. It's great working with so many talented teammates.  There is no other job in the world that I want to do!

What are some key achievements at CompuCom?

CompuCom won two prestigious awards for our state-of-the-art headquarters building. On November 1, 2018, CompuCom was awarded The Charlotte Heavy Hitter Commercial Real-Estate Award, presented by the Charlotte Business Journal, for the most technologically advanced building in Charlotte.  In October of 2018, Compass Intelligence awarded CompuCom the IoT Innovator Award for having the ‘most technologically advanced’ IoT building in the world. CompuCom’s state of the art HQ is the first building in the world that uses 100% PoE interior lighting with 35 different building systems incorporated in a single network backbone.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I’m a former professional lacrosse player and have played in two world cups. I won a gold medal in 2002 for the Italian National World Team.  I also took home MVP honors that year. I played pro on the world tour for almost nine years.

Why did you choose to work at CompuCom?

I chose to work at CompuCom because of the people and our offerings.  When you  look at what we have to offer as a business, our tool belt is larger, wider, and deeper than any in the world.  It’s that excitement and viewpoint that brought me to CompuCom along with the vision that our leadership team has for driving growth within our business.

What is your favorite quote or piece of advice?

"There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality."