The CompuCom End-User Orchestrator

Simplify IT Support Services

CompuCom’s End-User Orchestrator offers a unique set of device management capabilities for remotely resolving problems impacting the performance and availability of end-user systems.  In addition, it features advanced capabilities that leverage Intel’s vPro technologies to perform diagnostics and repair for difficult out-of-band management issues like operating system failure, remote system wake up and patch, together with advanced security capabilities that deliver significant value to the enterprise. 

This video provides you with more information on the advanced capabilities of our End-User Orchestrator.

Supporting an organization relying on technology can be time consuming, costly, and complex. As a leading IT services provider, we wanted to solve this problem, for our clients but also for our business. The End-User Orchestrator gives IT the tools to simply and cost-effectively support a technology-based work force. And we mean simply. 

Maybe you’ve used a smart programmable remote control that sets up your entire viewing experience with a single button click. The EU Orchestrator dashboard offers IT and help desk staff with a simple menu of one-click options. It’s based on our long expertise troubleshooting workplace technology for our clients. Targeted EU Orchestrator features provide out-of-band management access to devices below the operating system. For example, click the out-of-band management button, you’ll have instant access to any Intel® vPro™ based device below the operation system; visibility into the problem and the tools for fast, automated remote remediation. Choose:

  • PC Tune Up to resolve performance issues
  • PC Health identifies security vulnerabilities and completes a broad range of tasks such as wake and patch updates across business devices in minutes, automatically.

We know every business is different so we customize the EU Orchestrator to best meet your requirements from integration with legacy processes and applications to regulatory compliance. Because the EU Orchestrator quickly and seamlessly automates the time-consuming work that typically is done manually, your IT staff can expedite resolution keeping your users productivity at the highest possible level. Our solution takes advantage of Intel vPro technology to enhance security and support remote management even with systems are powered off. And to provide essential visibility into what’s going on below the operating system. Our clients are seeing significant cost savings, increase productivity, and an empowered IT staff with the tools to be effective.

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