Embracing BYOD for Productivity

A 2 minute explainer: Embracing BYOD for Productivity

Today's CIOs need to determine how to support traditional workers who prefer enterprise IT, while enabling tech-savvy employees who bring their own devices into the workplace. CompuCom's persona-based support model offers a full spectrum of services that help you incorporate and support any type of device that employees bring into your organization.

Users get device and application choices that enable them to be more productive, and IT is able to maintain a level of security, compliance and cost control that avoids risk for the organization.

What is BYOD about anyway? Why do people want to bring devices they bought for themselves to work? Well, it’s how your company’s knowledge and task oriented workers choose to get their work done. Here is how the CompuCom end-user enablement solution helps you provide a forward looking work environment where people want to work and get more work done. Instead of obsessing about devices and platforms, it focuses on the device owners. Our unique persona-based support model discovers and defines the personas in your workforce, the devices they choose, applications they use, what they do and where, and their system access requirements. Users get personalized support. IT gets the economic data you need to track, understand, and manage costs, by persona or by technologies used. Feedback mechanisms provide visibility into user experience, so you can see how to prioritize IT initiatives to increase productivity. Your service catalog will use persona data to automatically configure itself and present the technology choices that will work best.

Shopping the CompuCom Managed Application Marketplace, users will find the apps they need for the platforms and technologies they actually use. Of course, you have policies to enforce; real time awareness of roles and responsibilities assigned to personas makes it a lot easier to get the right balance between enforcement and enablement. We provide tools to orchestrate end-to-end support ,centrally or remotely, across users, devices, and applications.

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