Innovation Delivery Framework

Transformation to the digital workplace requires continual innovation by IT. CompuCom builds innovation into our contracts, including how we’ll deliver the innovations and the expected value, like ROI.

We work with your teams to develop a strategic roadmap that clearly identifies and prioritizes opportunities for innovation. Some innovations will be transformational, others, improvements to existing services.

For every project in the first year of the strategic road map, we develop a project charter that describes the implementation plan.  And there’s no mystery as to how we calculate the value to the business. We even break out the savings to show innovations that eliminate work vs those that reduce the cost of work.

We show how continual innovation can be self-funding over time by reinvesting a percentage of the savings from completed innovation projects into new innovation projects.

We update the roadmap every year in light of actual results, changes in the industry, and changes in your business. So, instead of trying to predict the future, use the Innovation Delivery FrameworkTM to create your own future, by taking advantage of digital transformation.

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