Managed Network Services

CompuCom Global Managed Network Services provide the people, processes and tools necessary to monitor, manage and maintain your enterprise network 24/7 — specifically WAN, LAN, WLAN and telecom network operations. Backed by best-practice services and state-of-the-art tools, we maintain optimum network reliability, availability and performance, while you focus on core business objectives.

There’s no question as to why you would outsource network operations — you expect equal-or-better performance, at lower cost. What it comes down to is, who is going to do it? And how will the transition go?

As to the who, obviously, it should be someone with ample experience and global capabilities. Someone with proven capabilities to meet or exceed SLAs. Someone with tested capabilities for handling failover. CompuCom can test switching Network Operations Centers twice a day, taking advantage of the nearshore-offshore model we use to provide 24/7 reliability, availability, and performance.

These NOCs are consistent. Technicians all have the same first-rate qualifications and training. They use the same processes and tools. CompuCom has deep resources — like long-standing relationships with OEMs, carriers and telcos — to enable us to handle incidents with the kind of efficiency your hardworking staff requires and will really appreciate.

CompuCom has highly skilled team members, like experienced network engineers for design and implementation work, plus an array of other services beyond Managed Network Services.

What about the transition? If you’ve done this as many times as CompuCom has, you’ve got a tested framework. In each set phase, there are activities and deliverables . . . and a joint sign-off — like on this report. Only when you’re sure everything has been correctly authorized, implemented and tested . . . and everything and everyone is certified ready, do your new Managed Network Services “Go Live.”

So, that’s how effective transition is done. Who has the experience, team, and capabilities to do it best? Only CompuCom.

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