Powering Multi-Generational Workforce Productivity

A 2 minute explainer

All end-users want from IT is what they need to do their jobs. They have little consideration for IT's challenges with meeting their demands  CompuCom helps clients put the right applications, devices and access in the hands of the right people at the right time. By identifying key employee characteristics - including work role, approved devices, applications and subscriptions - end-user management can be reinvented through CompuCom’s Persona Service Management.

Here’s our approach. There are millions of possible combinations of mobile devices, apps, identities, access policies, operating systems, behaviors, locations, etc., etc. You just can’t just manage them with a handful of roles and categories anymore. Use Persona Service Management. By applying our market leading framework, we’ll help you curate the combinations that prevail in your organization. From there, we help you deploy personalized portals that deliver the user experience people have come to expect in their personal lives. It provides a single interface for getting software, apps, equipment, service and support. System management, through the lens of the same personas, allow you to manage solution life cycle information, birth certificate, configuration and repair for every asset. Administration and orchestration, how applications and changes are deployed and policies are distributed and enforced. All this distributed activity generates big data. By applying analytics, you can make data driven decisions, enforce data driven policies, optimize decision support, costs, security, performance and the end user experience for improved satisfaction and productivity. Sounds like a smart approach? Let us show you how we can put it to work for you powering multi-generation workforce productivity.

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