Reimagining the End-User Experience with Service Experience Management

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Are problems with employees bringing their own devices to work an increasingly hot topic for your IT support team? Here is how to cool things off. Instead of putting the device at the center of your support model, focus on the end-user. What really matters to the business is the end-user’s ability to get stuff done with any device, whenever and where ever. This is the support model behind CompuCom’s personalized portal and Customer Care approach. 

Reimagining the end user experience is what CompuCom is all about. Our personalized Customer Care program is centered on a persona-based support model. End users receive the applications, support and service they require - wherever and whenever they need it, regardless of the device they use.

Focusing on the end user means offering support for users that bring their own devices to work. We offer a variety of options for personalized support, including Solution Cafés, remote support, service desk options, and a Persona Portal that learns about each end user and his or her devices, applications and preferences.

To learn more about our personalized Customer Care program, contact us today.

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