Retail Mobile Device Solutions Using Apple iOS

My name is Steve Pike. I’m a Director of mobility solutions for CompuCom. Eight of the top ten retailers rely on CompuCom to support their IT services within the stores. We see these devices being used in numerous ways from inventory to support, to product placement, to point-of-sale terminals (POS). Having that associate come out from behind the cash register and engage the client is a tremendous value. So we see the future of these devices having a great impact on the retail industry using a lot of the latest Apple technology.

In the retail space, mobility, in my opinion, has a strong view in allowing more of the end-user to have content available to them while they are in front of their customers. So if you think about it, if a customer walks into a retail environment and they’re getting help from an associate, and they’re asking questions about a particular product, that associate has to leave and go back and find that answer out versus having a device in their hand. They could look up specifics about that product while they’re with the customer. That should increase an up-sell capability immediately right there. You’re informed, you know what you’re doing and you have information available for your customer. Even better, if they decide that’s what they want, use that same device to take the credit card payment.

CompuCom has a mobility strategy that involves the lifecycle of the end-user and the device. How you procure a device, how do you provision it, how do you do the configuration services. You know, adding a sled or a payment slide to a device to managing the operating system and the different updates from iOS. And from help desk services or walk-up services or even advanced replacement kind of models. That as well as retiring the device and starting the cycle back over.

One of the concerns our retail clients have with deploying devices such as this is the sheer magnitude of getting all of those devices deployed in a sustainable, repeatable process to their stores. CompuCom’s life-cycle management service addresses that completely. From how we configure the device, how we deploy it, how it’s all set up and ready to go so when that device hits the store, it’s pre-loaded with the applications and services they need. Following that is our managed service component that allows us to ensure the device is updated properly, secured properly, and when iOS is updated we perform the updates for them or help manage them through those updates properly.  That’s the solution that our retailers really look to CompuCom to solve.

In today’s competitive retail environment, having a mobility strategy is king. iOS helps solve some of those issues. Having a device that your customers already know how to use, with tools on it that they are already use to, buying songs and books with that device. It’s just a natural extension they would use that to buy your products and services as well. Take advantage of this technology. CompuCom can help you with this.

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