Top 4 Ways CompuCom Solution Cafe Benefits End Users

Our Solution Café services provide on-demand and scheduled access to technical support in a walk-up, café-like atmosphere. Whether employees have problems with a company-issued laptop, a personal smartphone, or they just need advice on how to operate a new application, they can enter the Solution Cafe and either drop off their device or wait until it’s fixed. By offering this level of walk-up service, your end users have choices for service at times that are convenient to them, receive the benefit of face-to-face connections, and enjoy being treated like a consumer.

When it comes to problems with the technology used at work, people like to have choices. CompuCom Solution Cafés® provide lots of new choices, like connecting with IT face-to-face. Solution Cafés make technology more human and offer more choices for learning the skills you need to work more productively. New employees, for example, feel special when they start out with the Solution Cafés experience. Some people like to drop items for repair and work while they wait or they may want to get back to their office with a loaner and pick up their device as soon as it’s repaired. If it’s after hours, they can pick it up at a secure passcode protected locker.

Solution Cafés provide a consumer-like experience:

  • Get immediate support or schedule an appointment
  • You can try out new products
  • Get knowledgeable advice
  • Purchase peripherals & accessories from an intelligent vending machine

Choice, a face-to-face IT connection, convenience and a consumer-like experience; the CompuCom Solution Cafés will be a welcome addition to your support environment.

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