Top 4 Ways CompuCom Solution Cafe Benefits IT

Our Solution Café® services provide on-demand and scheduled access to technical support in a walk-up, café-like atmosphere. Whether employees have problems with a company-issued laptop, a personal smartphone, or they just need advice on how to operate a new application, they can enter the Solution Cafe and either drop off their device or wait until it’s fixed. By offering this level of walk-up service, your end users have choices for service at times that are convenient to them, receive the benefit of face-to-face connections, and enjoy being treated like a consumer.

A CompuCom Solution Café gives end-users a fresh perspective on IT. It adds a highly visible human connection between IT and the people who depend so much on technology to achieve business success. People get a consumer-like experience, like choosing service while you wait, or getting a loaner and secure out of hours drop-off and pickup.

The Solution Café can help them learn to use their technology more effectively with coaching and online training. Contact with users throughout their devices' life cycle provides numerous opportunities to:

  • Teach best practices
  • Explain why policies matter
  • Recommend what works with your systems
  • While providing choice and conveniences, control what employees purchase

Walk-up services compliments service desks, knowledge-bases and deskside support. Many issues can be solved without escalation. Documenting and tracking walk-up service is efficient too.

With CompuCom Solution Cafés the benefits are very clear:

  • IT & business alignment
  • End-User satisfaction
  • Governance & security
  • Service delivery efficiency
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