Video: Modernizing School Media Centers

The Spartanburg, South Carolina school district recently took steps to solve a challenge most schools face, outdated Media Centers. Looking to drive innovation, collaboration and engagement into their school district, they partnered with Office Depot and CompuCom to digitally transform the Media Center. More than a new look and feel, the Spartanburg media centers now boast the latest in collaboration technology such as Cisco® WebEx boards that automate the presentation experience, as well as design elements that work best to improve conversation and thought development within groups of various sizes.   


Office Depot has been a wonderful partner to Spartanburg School District One. They literally say it is the relationship that they base all their future relationships off of. Since we started the process of going one to one providing a device for every student, our first go-to is Office Depot.

Due to those conversation, we started exploring what other things the District was wanting to achiece. That led to the media center opportunity.

The first conversations that I had with Office Depot was about furniture but quickly they and I started to understand that it was more than just furniture.

Where we were lacking at was the services that CompuCom can provide. They reached out the CompuCom Sales team saying we have some potential her for you guys to jump in and help us.

They brought knowledge as far as understanding what design elements might work best in a center.

Cisco has been a huge benefit for us in this space. We’re actually doing it by Spark Board by demo. We talked about desktop as a service. We talked about Design Thinking.

CompuCom has design thinking process that is offering tremendous value to the school district. It’s a way of involving all the relevant stakeholders in the design process.

We had to talk about a problem and work through a process of finding a solution for the problem.

We feel like as a group of media specialist that we have a voice. That systemic approach of rapid ideation, quick fail, I like that because I think a lot of times in Education we get bogged down.

The end result, all four groups presenting and having four great ideas…it’s all win-win.

It’s great working with CompuCom. There’s been a great synergy. The process driving both CompuCom as well as Office Depot solutions.

We can provide the services that weren’t available before.

I’m excited about, not just the end-point, but the whole process.

School Liberians and Spartanburg School District One are going to change the world and they are going to do it with the help of Office Depot and CompuCom.

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