compucom blog - Intel Vision 2024: : Bringing AI to Data Centers, the Edge, and PCs

Intel Vision 2024: Bringing AI to Data Centers, the Edge, and PCs 

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger was fired up during his April 9 keynote address at Intel Vision 2024. In a room full of AI visionaries in the “silicon desert” of Phoenix, Arizona, his energy was akin to a car enthusiast extolling the virtues of hot rod mods rather than a tech CEO discussing new edge processors, AI PCs, and data center equipment.

compucom blog - Future Ready – HP’s New Portfolio of AI Devices

Future Ready – HP New Portfolio of AI Devices

As those even remotely tuned into today’s IT landscape know — the hot topic is artificial intelligence (AI). It was no different at the HP Amplify Partner Conference that I attended in Las Vegas earlier this month. But at the event, the global technology leader made it clear they’re not just paying lip service to a buzzword — they’re rolling out innovations now to empower customers to fully harness the benefits of AI.  

Healthcare professional working on a laptop related to cybersecurity

Protect Healthcare Data Without Sacrificing Device Usability

The increased pace of digital transformation in healthcare over the past few years, with improvements such as patient record access from mobile devices, has improved patient care and streamlined workflows. However, it has also introduced new data security and privacy risks for electronic health records (EHR). This is especially alarming with the current rate and sophistication of cyberattacks.

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The Benefits of 5G to Healthcare

Healthcare urgently needs reliable, secure, and consistent connectivity. Disparities in rural versus suburban care, surging rates of chronic illness, and an aging population are just some of the reasons it’s critical to enhance healthcare efficiency and accessibility.