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Unlock the Full Potential of the Digital Workplace


The exponential growth of the digital workplace is changing the way employees and enterprises work. Virtual, global collaboration must happen with teams across multiple time zones and countries. CompuCom leads the industry in delivering scalable and adaptive communication platforms so that your business can stay on top of digital workplace trends. We put you on a path to increased productivity, cost savings, a more mobile and agile workforce, and increased flexibility in today’s complex marketplace.

Work from Anywhere, Anytime

Employees are more connected, and mobile than ever before. They are managing their careers often outside of parameters that have defined the workforce for years.
A strong digital workplace with flexible and adaptive technology, allows employees to make valuable contributions whether they’re on-site, in a coffee shop, or at their kitchen table. We offer transformative solutions to connect employees in ways that meet their unique needs and preferences.

Let's begin building a better workplace.



  • Collaboration workspace solutions
  • Microsoft managed services
  • Digital support experience with access to support via chat, web, text or over the phone
  • On-site support
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Self-help support solutions
  • Platform administration
  • Readiness assessments
  • Migration and integration
  • Enterprise platform licensing for Microsoft and Cisco collaboration platforms


  • Elevated user experiences
  • Collaboration tools that best suit the needs of your organization
  • Advanced technology that enables rapid decision-making and increased productivity
  • Applications that quickly scale to the size of your business
  • Teams are able to work collectively and securely, wherever they are located

Reshaping the Workplace

Are You Ready?


Build the Workplace of Today and Tomorrow


Our approach isn’t to forge a new path with an old map. Methods and processes that worked for you and your customers in the past won’t allow you to keep pace in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. Instead, we encourage you to imagine the art of the possible. Allow us to show you how much more you can do when you have the right technology and support at your fingertips.


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