Welcome to CompuCom! Canadian associates please click here. If you are a US part-time associate, click here.

We are excited to have you join our team. To help you get started, we have provided new hire onboarding information and instructions below. You will enter most of your required personal information directly into Workday, our Human Resources information management system. Other required information will also be entered or viewed online, so internet access to complete your onboarding is required.

Access to some of these systems or information requires a CompuCom Active Directory System (ADS) network user ID and password which should be provided by your manager once you are on board. If you experience technical issues or need technical assistance, please contact the CompuCom Service Desk (CSD) at 888-557-4129 or in Dallas at 972-856-3011.

What to do before your first day (no CompuCom network access required):

  • View the CompuCom website and read the CompuCom Corporate Overview.
  • Start the employment eligibility verification, Form I-9 process:
     - CompuCom participates in the E-Verify system.
     - Read and follow the I-9 instructions detailed below.
     - Have your accepted documents ready for verification by Human Resources, a manager or a designated team lead.
     - Associates who will be located at a CompuCom office or other facility with an onsite CompuCom manager will use the CompuCom Compliance Center to to initiate your Form I-9 before you begin work. Your manager will verify and complete your Form I-9 after you have begun work.
     - Associates who will not be located in a CompuCom office or other facility with an onsite CompuCom manager are remote. Please utilize the Compliance Center System to initiate your Form I-9 before you begin work, then review the I-9 instructions above.

What to do your first week at CompuCom (CompuCom network access required):

What to do your first month at CompuCom (CompuCom network access required):

Contact Us

Should you have any questions, please contact us:

easyHR Team
CompuCom Systems
8106 Calvin Hall Road
Fort Mill, SC 29707
Toll Free: 866.4EASYHR
E-mail: easyhr@compucom.com

Important Resources

New Managers-Participate in the New Manager Orientation Webinar

The New Manager Orientation webinar is offered once per month.  Details about participation can be found on TheWIRE in the Managers Toolbox -> Develop and Train Associates -> New Manager Orientation.


Getting Paid

To ensure that you receive your paycheck, complete the following forms: 

I-9 Form for employment eligibility verification.  Please read and follow I-9 Instructions carefully. 

NOTE: You must use your network/ADS user id and password to access the following online forms: 

Hourly associates are paid on a bi-weekly basis, one week in arrears.  Salaried associates are paid current. 

Direct deposit enrollments are effective after your second paycheck.  The paycheck immediately after your direct deposit enrollment will be a "live" check and will be mailed to virtual associates (associates who telecommute or are located at a client site) or delivered to a CompuCom facility for those working at a CompuCom office location.  

Pay advices are available online via the MyWire benefits & pay information sites.  Note: Payroll cannot accommodate requests to print online pay advices.


Update Global Address List

Update your home and business contact phone numbers in Workday.

Providing this information will update Microsoft Outlook and the information supplied to the Global Address List (GAL). 

NOTE: Due to privacy issues, home phone numbers are only displayed in Workday.   


Enroll in Benefits

Being a part of the team means you have the opportunity to enroll in benefits. CompuCom wants you to have peace of mind, knowing that you are protected by great benefits.

As a new CompuCom associate, you must enroll within 31 days of your hire date. If you do not enroll during this period, you will only be enrolled in Basic Life & ADD, short term disability (STD), and basic long term disability (LTD).  Direct Temporary associates are NOT eligible for benefits.

After your new hire enrollment window (first 31 days after your hire date) you may not drop, change, or enroll in benefits again until the next annual open enrollment period, unless you have a qualified status change or are eligible for special enrollment rights. Annual enrollment takes place each fall for benefits effective January 1. 

Before you begin your benefits enrollment, be sure to:

  • Review the Benefits information on MyWIRE and the New Hire Benefits Enrollment Guide.
  • Gather the names, dates of birth, addresses and Social Security numbers of dependents and/or beneficiaries.

Ready to Enroll?  Contact easyHR at 866-432-7947, option 1 to speak with a licensed benefit counselor to complete your benefits enrollment via telephone. 
As each associate's benefits needs are different, enrollment calls will vary in length.  Some associates may have very few questions, while others may be interested in learning the details of all plans.  The average call will last about 20 minutes per associate.  Benefit counselors will be available to assist new hires Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Central time.  
Please complete the enrollment process even if you don’t want to elect coverage as you will still need to designate a beneficiary for your company-paid life insurance.

Complete Required Training (Network access required)

CompuCom's learning management system is called TheHUB. Once on board, you will be provided access to TheHUB which a 24x7 gateway to learning resources for skills improvement, professional development, performance support, certification preparation, and more. Please take advantage of the many opportunities CompuCom offers to further your personal development and career.

All new associates are required to complete the Information Securities Policies training their first month. 

To access your required training:

  1. Login to TheHUB via http://thehub.compucom.com 
  2. Click MY PLAN 
  3. Click the course name to launch 

Additional information about our Learning & Talent Development Programs and Course Offerings is available on MyWire.


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