compucom blog - Future Ready – HP’s New Portfolio of AI Devices

Future Ready – HP New Portfolio of AI Devices

As those even remotely tuned into today’s IT landscape know — the hot topic is artificial intelligence (AI). It was no different at the HP Amplify Partner Conference that I attended in Las Vegas earlier this month. But at the event, the global technology leader made it clear they’re not just paying lip service to a buzzword — they’re rolling out innovations now to empower customers to fully harness the benefits of AI.  

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The Benefits of 5G to Healthcare

Healthcare urgently needs reliable, secure, and consistent connectivity. Disparities in rural versus suburban care, surging rates of chronic illness, and an aging population are just some of the reasons it’s critical to enhance healthcare efficiency and accessibility.

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The Clock is Ticking for Windows 10 — Plan for Windows 11

“The clock is ticking” might seem like an obnoxious blog post title when we’re talking about a migration deadline just under two years away (like we all need another vaguely anxiety-provoking reminder in our day). But while not as big a deal as moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10, planning for the migration well ahead is beneficial. Not because Windows 11 is a massive departure from Windows 10 feature-wise but because many companies will need significant hardware upgrades. 

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Tech Sourcing: Siloed vs. Centralized

Just as orchestra musicians without a conductor will struggle with the coordination and expression of a complex piece of music — siloed sourcing, where individual departments or business units procure their own technology, misses the opportunity for an efficient, harmonious procurement strategy.

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Building Trust Through Partnerships

Trust is like glass. It is fragile, easily broken, and almost impossible to put back together once shattered. The same is true of business partnerships. But if built right and handled with care, partnerships can be highly beneficial, robust, and long-lasting. 

Compucom Blog - Effective DEX Prioritizes Users

Effective DEX Prioritizes Users

Good Digital Employee Experience (DEX) is more than a “nice to have” that will help retain and attract talent; it underpins many top business initiatives. Consider the priority of many businesses today: resilience — the ability “to deal with adversity, to withstand shock, and to adapt fast.”