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  • Utility Pricing Model

    How the Utility Pricing Model Works with an Enterprise Mobility Plan

    • February 16, 2017
    • Post by Steven Pike

    The utility pricing model is as simple as paying your electricity bill. No more headaches with rapid set-up or data overages. We bring you the future of enterprise mobility. 

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  • Modern Service Management Equation

    The Modern Service Management Equation: ITIL + Advanced Analytics = Continual Service Improvement

    • February 14, 2017
    • Post by Sally Shane

    To gain a competitive edge, many companies have abandoned the old-school, IT-by-individual-technologies service desk model in favor of IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) practices, which offer a more holistic and flexible way of providing service desk services to their employees.

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  • Ship and Store

    Far More than Just a New Website – How Large Retailers are Taking a Strategic Approach to Retail IT

    • February 09, 2017
    • Post by Jennifer Brooks

    As customer behavior continues to evolve, retailers are starting to make considerable upgrades to their retail IT and their digital shopping experience. But what’s truly interesting is what they are doing behind the scenes to make these new digital strategies possible. 

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  • Enterprise Mobility Pitfalls

    Four Financial Pitfalls of Enterprise Mobility

    • February 07, 2017
    • Post by Tim McCulley

    Step into the world of a CFO in a large company and analyze the inefficiencies of long-term contracts and the struggle to measure actual mobile data consumption. How would you tackle the financial pitfalls of enterprise mobility management?

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  • 2017 To Do List

    Rapidly Scale for Growth – Use a Managed Service Desk Provider

    • January 31, 2017
    • Post by Jill Randolph

    Three key considerations to look for when evaluating a managed service desk provider

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  • Enterprise Mobility Suite

    IT Under Pressure? An Enterprise Mobility Suite Spells Relief

    • January 26, 2017
    • Post by Steven Pike

    Last-minute mobile deployments are tricky. You can’t estimate how much data your workers will require and likely don’t have enough ready-to-deploy equipment in-house. How do you tackle all those challenges? 

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