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  • Service Support at Concert

    The Impact of 24/7 Service and Support with your Enterprise Mobility Suite

    • October 17, 2017
    • Post by Steven Pike

    The story of a large event planning company shows how enterprises benefit from working with a single source solution provider with 24/7 support. In this case, the company needed support before, during, and after the deployment of hundreds of smartphones and tablets. The company also needed their solution provider to respond to an emergency request for devices without any delays. Here’s how the event unfolded.

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  • Is Your Enterprise Disaster Proof?

    Is Your Enterprise Network Disaster Proof?

    • October 16, 2017
    • Post by Tony Brown

    Human error, ransomware, natural disaster, hardware failure … the list of potential threats to enterprise data is long and downright scary. These real threats can wreak havoc on businesses, and in severe cases force companies to shut their doors for good. 

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  • 3 steps for hyperconverge

    How to Build a More Efficient IT Infrastructure

    • October 12, 2017
    • Post by Tony Brown

    Progressive IT strategies now make it possible for enterprises to align technology to support and propel business objectives — while keeping their budgets in check. We’ve broken down how in the steps that follow. 

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  • The insurance industry is facing difficulty bringing the best IT talent on board

    How Insurance Companies Can Overcome Difficulty Attracting IT Talent

    • October 11, 2017
    • Post by Tim Fisher

    What happens when an insurance company doesn’t have the IT talent required to keep its most essential IT solutions up and running? How can it ensure the business has the support it needs for its current and future technological initiatives? Outsourcing IT solutions can provide the ideal solution, and provide key benefits. 

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  • HPE Hyperconverged Hype or Truth

    Hyperconvergence: Hype or Truth?

    • October 10, 2017
    • Post by Tony Brown

    If your business is one of the many that have adopted a hyper converged infrastructure, no doubt you believe that hyperconvergence lives up to all the hype. Those of you that have not yet dipped your toe in the hyperconverged pool may in fact believe it isn’t worth making a change — but not for long.

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  • Cisco Cloud

    When Migrating to the Cloud, Dependency Mapping is the Key

    • October 03, 2017
    • Post by Bryan Erwin

    Changing a tire on a race car while it's still driving around the track at top speed: That's what migrating to the cloud can feel like. You can't stop your business, so how do you keep it running while migrating data and applications at the same time?

    According to Frost & Sullivan's 2017 Cloud User Survey, 57 percent of businesses cite migration concerns as one of their top five reasons not to deploy to the cloud. Successfully migrating is a challenge, but it's not impossible. 

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